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Join Mr. Fibby, Canberra's number one children's birthday party band and noted urinary tract infection salespeople, as they regale you via radio show of their most tragic tale of their disasterous tour across the wild landscape of Australia! Setting off from their home village of Canberra enroute to the Robertson Festival Irish Music Afternoon, Mr. Fibby suffer indignity after indignity at the hands of a cold, uncaring world.

Saturday November 19 - 9pm
Saturday November 26 - 9pm
Saturday December 3 - 9pm
Saturday December 10 - 9pm
Saturday December 17 - 9pm
Christmas Special !
on Christmas Eve & replayed on Christmas! - 9pm

Tune in to Community Radio 2XX 98.3FM on your radio, or stream it through your magic computer box from or right here at the top of this page.


On each of the evenings we'll be heading over to Smiths Alternative Bookshop and making a mockery of music, majority groups, croc wearers and playing a short set THEN listenings to the show.